Development + design of clear, solid and efficient web works

Mikrobrauer Screenshot


Independent breweries—digital design and build of a beer map, based on open source geodata

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DB Systemtechnik Screenshot

DB Systemtechnik

GPS tracing of rail vehicles—an internal tool, that visualises diagnostic geodata on open source maps

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Restauratorin Hanke Screenshot

Restauratorin Hanke

Dealing with cultural assets—digital design and build of a minimalist, responsive portfolio website

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Klangverhältnisse Screenshot


Shadowy niches—digital design and build of a minimalist, responsive blog with open source content management system

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Choropleth Screenshot

World Cup 2014 Choropleth

Facts on maps—an open source project that uses geodata and statistics to visualise World Cup 2014 facts on maps

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WebSpy Screenshot

WebSpy Browser Check

Browser leakeage—the open source tool reveals digital footprints which web browsers leave while surfing the internet

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I craft web works, that communicate ideas clearly, ensure their accessibility and make them findable—for companies, institutions, professionals, artists and all those who have recognized the importance of a professional website. At this, these things are of particular importance to me:


Do you have a project you'd like me to work on with you, or a request for proposal? I'm happy to listen to offers and free to submit quotes.

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